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How do I use the signals?

How to use Weekly Stocktips

Weekly Stocktips is the core of our AI investment service. For the sake of simplicity we're referring to our strategy as "Joe"

Joe is built to help you find new buying opportunities every week.

They will look something like this:

In this case Joe recommended 2 stock: WPM (Wheaton Precious Metals) & BIG (Big lots Inc.), purchased at respectively $44.46 and $57.93 a share.

10% of weekly funds are allocated to each. This percentage shows how much of Joe's weekly paycheck he used to purchase each stock.

For example, if Joe had $1,000 to invest this week. The recommendation is to buy WPM for around $100 and BIG for around $100, and keep the remaining $800 in cash for next week.

Note that the allocation will typically not add up to 100%. if the allocation of all the suggestions is less than 100%, that means the Joe is keeping some extra cash for next week to lower risk and potentially find better buying opportunities in the following weeks.

the allocation doesn't have to match at all, it is just a recommendation. Use any amount you find relevant.
The stock tips are updated weekly. This does not imply that you have to invest every week to use it. You could use our stock tips simply when you have available capital at your disposal.

It is not essential that you buy every single signal, or even buy signals every week.

Dollar cost averaging

Dollar cost averaging is a very common investment practice to reduce risk and the overall impact of volatility.

Read more about it here:

Joe will very often use collar-cost averaging to invest in the businesses it picks, but only as long as he thinks it's still a wonderful business selling at an attractive price.

Because of this, you will often see the same signal repeating for multiple weeks in a row.

For example, instead of Joe blowing his entire paycheck on what looks to be a good investment opportunity in 1 week. Joe might invest 10% of his paycheck every week into the stock over a period of 10 weeks, while the stock fluctuates in price, Joe will lock in an attractive average price target with reduced volatility.

If you want to see more or other potential buying opportunities, please see the AI Reports page.

Longterm strategy

Weekly Stocktip is a longterm investment strategy that attempts to find wonderful growing businesses selling for less than they are worth. It is very common that Joe buys companies that are currently experiencing negative press (an event), or buying companies that are falling in price.

It is completely normal that many of the stocks Joe recommends continue to fall in price after it was first recommended in the short term. Please see our Risk page and Strategy page for more information.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Updated on: 24/09/2021

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