How do I use the signals?

To use the signals all you need is a brokerage account

We recommend Interactive Brokers, but it can be any brokerage account in the world as long as they support stocks on the Major US Exchanges (which most do)

Once you have a brokerage account, Weekly Stocktip gives you all the information you need to make trades once a week.

What stock to buy each week
What price you should buy it at
and later we'll let. you know when to sell your stocks

We have a lot of information available on "why" you should buy a particular stock, but really the only 2 pieces of information you need to know to use it. Is what stock to buy, at what price.

In our SMS signals we simplify that down to a text message like this:

"Buy GCAP at $5.89"
GCAP is the "ticker" or "symbol" of the stock you would buy in your brokerage account.
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