What is the average holding period?

Short answer: There is no set holding period

Weekly Stocktip is built to be fully dynamic, it finds stocks that are statistically likely to increase a lot in the future. But when exactly it happens is impossible to predict. It strongly depends on several factors:

The individual stock
The company sector
Current world events
Currrent Market situation

That being said, we do have a hard max deadline of 4 years. Although it is extremely rare for a stock to be held this long.

There is no useful metric we could provide for what the holding period will be, except that it will be more than 5 days and less than 4 years.
A good average expectation to have, is to hold it for about 2 years.

Our approach is best described by Benjamin Graham in this quote:

The disciplined, rational investor neither follows popular choice nor plays market swings; rather he searches for stocks selling a price below their intrinsic value and waits for the market to recognise and correct its errors. It invariably does and share price climbs. When the price has risen to the actual value of the company, it is time to take profits, which then are reinvested in a new undervalued security.
This approach has both proven very safe and provided high annual returns, but it does require some patience. Sometimes the patience needed may appear quite considerable. But most of the stock picks in our experience have not taken that long to show good profits, (even if we might not sell them right away).
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